The origin of Lily Helipads begins with our founder, John Dotlich’s, enlistment into the Indiana National Guard in the late 1980’s. While in the National Guard John was a heavy equipment operator (62E) for the 1313th Engineer Company. During the time he was serving in the National Guard John capitalized on the opportunity to start an excavating company. With the help of John’s grandfather Sam Dotlich, Dotlich Contractors was launched in 1991.

Sam had been a long time business owner and a pilot of both fixed and rotary wing aircraft. Sam even had a grass helipad listed on the sectional in Speedway, Indiana that was used heavily during the Indy 500 by celebrities and corporate business owners. During one race day in May, Sam had been observing the helicopters approaching and departing, then ferrying left and right. He said to John, “They look like dragon flies on lily pads.” This quote planted the seed for our identity.

Twenty five years later the excavating business has successfully completed thousands of projects. These projects have spanned both the private and public sector, including parking lots, hospitals and yes helipads. Other experience includes moving millions of cubic yards of dirt, installing large, deep drainage systems and detailed fire suppression systems. Dotlich Contractors has always on the cutting edge of erosion control practices to protect our water supply and environment.

2015 Presented John with the opportunity to fulfill his dream of becoming a helicopter pilot. After obtaining his license, John decided to construct a helipad at his residence in Brownsburg, Indiana. While searching for a high quality windsock he discovered the Pollite Company. Their windsocks were designed with frangible fiberglass mast and an internally lit windsock. After receiving his windsock John communicated with the folks at Pollite and was asked if he was interested in helping a community in Oklahoma with their install of a helipad for EMS use. Wheels were put into motion, and John created Lily Helipads, LLC in 2015 to fill a need for safe, environmentally friendly helipads across the United States.


John Dotlich
Owner, Licensed Helicopter Pilot

Shane Dotlich
Partner, Operations

Edward Lewis
Media Relations

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