Lily Helipads™ helipads are designed to be environmentally friendly and safe while surpassing federal aviation and hospital trauma safety standards.


Contains Spills

Our helipads are permeable and able to capture and contain deicing fluid or any potential fuel spills. Fluids are contained in an oil water separator or added oil collector which can both be equipped with leak detectors. This ensures no contamination to surrounding soils or water sources.


INstall at Any Scale

Our employees have over twenty-five years expertise in site development and utilities. This gives us the capability to handle site conditions, grading, erosion control, and drainage of your helipad site on any scale. Package quotes are available for helipads, parking lots and building expansions.



Our proprietary design is environmentally responsible by using renewable resources and state of the art LED lighting. The lighting is low voltage, long lasting, and pilot controlled; being used only when needed.



Our company works with an aeronautical consultant that aids our clients with design and permitting to the FAA, State, and local agencies. Our consultants can provide initial and annual safety training along with best practice training to employees and to first responders.


Pilot and Crew Safety

Our heated helipads offer safety to flight crew, patient, and the helicopter by eliminating ice and snow on the pad and pathways. 


Controlled in the AIR

By using a central controller, multiple functions such as heating, lighting, security, cameras, and many other features can be operated using smart devices on the ground or in the air.


What makes a Lily Helipad™?